Monday, September 10, 2007

Hermetically Sealed

I found this project of Claire's earlier today. She's on some sort of mission to protect toys and evidently, zip top baggies are the solution to all of life's little contaminants.

Unfortunately, zip top baggies aren't always enough. On Saturday, my little family was parading into the school bearing cakes in big white boxes. I had a cake balanced on my right hand and Claire's little fist firmly planted in my left hand. Then I tripped over a low cart. I held onto Claire's hand tighter than Britney Spears held onto a falling cocktail. Claire flew up into the air, and described an arc around my body which abruptly ended when her head met a metal door.

Six hours and six stitches later, we were all more or less fine. A couple of days later, we really are all fine. Claire's head and my legs are starting to show the green patches that betray coming bruises and tornadoes.


Jen said...

Oh no!! Poor Claire!! I'm glad she's doing better today.

Katie Alender said...

Aww, poor baby!

Mary Witzl said...

Poor Claire, and poor you! I've had some spectacular falls with my kids too, and I know how this feels.