Wednesday, March 28, 2007

30 to 1 Odds

Jacob wears a uniform to school. Navy shorts or pants, a white polo, and an optional school sweatshirt. He wore shorts every day until mid-October when the winter uniform code went into effect. That was roughly five months ago. He has put holes in the knees of at least eight pairs of pants since then. That's about one pair every 2.5 weeks. And that doesn't even consider dress down days and days off of school. I'm buying a pair of pants out of every single paycheck, people. This must end! Summer uniform starts on April 16. He has one pair of whole pants left and he is wearing them every single day until then. I'm thinking that we have about 30 to 1 odds that the pants are going to last long enough. But I refuse to buy another pair. I will patch them, he can wear them holey, whatever. Today, March 28th 2007, is the day I put my foot down and say NO MORE PANTS! In two more weeks, he can wear shorts and put holes in his knees instead. Which means that I'll be buying jumbo band-aids instead.


Geri said...

Bandaids are much cheaper than pants! :)

cheribear said...

I like those odds. :) I know you can sew, too.