Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The flap of a butterfly's wing

Has everyone pondered the idea that the simple flap of a butterfly's wing can have great consequences? The premise is that the flap creates a breeze, which starts a domino effect of ever larger events finally resulting in a hurricane or some such. So. Jacob got up this morning and went to the bathroom. He missed the actual hole in the toilet. The urine hit the raised lid and ricocheted to the right, dowsing the floor and Claire's potty. About 2 minutes later, Claire and I entered the bathroom to brush her teeth. I got her started brushing then started mopping up the mess. Boy and Baby (ever present dolls) were unable to sit in their usual location on the potty. After some discussion and a tantrum, they were stashed in the storage drawer of the step stool. Due to the mopping, I only got one pigtail in Claire's hair before she was finished brushing. Thus, we arrived at the breakfast table late, half-kempt, and crabby. We left the house completely kempt but late and crabby. Claire was still crabby by the time we arrived at daycare, which means I did not get a goodbye kiss. I was distracted and even crabbier by the time I arrived at work, leading me to make a mistake in the backup routine. I had to call a counterpart in a different office to explain the problem, causing a disruption in his morning routine. I'm fairly certain that he will in turn cause an even bigger disruption and on and on until finally something horrible happens. Keep your eye on the news is all I'm saying. Jake splashed urine all over the bathroom and that could eventually cause a war in Iran.


Katie said...

This is the part in the movie where you go find a hunky man to run around with and try to save the world, yes? Just, when he asks, tell him it was a butterfly wingflap and not mis-aimed urine.

Kelley said...

We had mis-aimed urine today too...I'll have to rethink how it changed the course of my day!