Thursday, March 1, 2007

13 sites that I like

Thirteen Sites I Like
1. Knitty - Online knitting magazine with fun patterns and interesting articles. 2. Daily Gospel - Self-explanatory, eh? 3. Merriam Webster's Game of the Day - Just a quick word game every day of the week. 4. Daily Oliver - Pictures of a dog in the French countryside. What's not to love? 5. pushmepullyou - Pretty. 6. Missouri Botanical Gardens Hortline - Everything the Midwestern home gardener needs to know and then some. 7. Hungry Girl - Where else can you whack a snack? 8. Search400 - OK, so this won't interest anyone else who actually reads this blog. But this site has saved my bottom more times than I care to admit, so it deserves a place on the list. All hail the power of midrange professionals! Woo! 9. SparkPeople - Just a good site to track your diet and exercise. 10. The Sartorialist - I don't care about the clothes (sacre bleu!), but the photos are fascinating. 11. The Vatican - Soooo handy. The entire catechism is there. And you can search it. Just lots to read and think about. 12. (to be inserted later - sorry, the bookmark is at home!) - A nice site for people who teach Christianity to children. 13. Word Cloud - Use your blog or someone else's and build a word cloud. It's like visual poetry. Links to other Thursday Thirteens! 1. (leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!)
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