Thursday, October 18, 2007

Overheard by a fly

Hi, Nick. We got booed tonight. Jake is so excited.
We got booed? Who would do that?
No, it's fun! Like a chain letter but fun. We have to boo two people tomorrow. Jake can't wait.
Let's boo John Paul!
Are you kidding me? You want to drive all the way out there just to boo him?
Sure, why not? Sounds fun.
OK. I'll run by Target some time tomorrow and pick up some treats.
Wait, treats?
Yes, treats. Treats to boo with. You know, like the bag of treats we got?
Somebody gave us a bag of treats? Who did that?
I don't know. That's the point. We were booed. Wait a minute, did you think you were actually going to boo John Paul? Like stand outside his house and yell "Boooooooooooooo" at him?
Well, I was going to bring a lawn chair. And I figured after I yelled, "You suck!" a few times, he'd invite me in for a beer.

For the uninitiated, booing is a Halloween game. You drop a bag of goodies along with a chain letter and a photocopied ghost at someone's door, then knock and run. The letter explains that the recipient is to pay it forward to two other houses. The ghost gets hung in a door or window so that your house doesn't get booed twice.


Jen said...

LOL "You Suck", huh? That sounds like my siblings and me. We start each phone conversation with "You suck".

Kelly said...

I guess Nick isn't so impressed with booing then. :) I should start that around here. It sounds like a lot of fun!!

Mary Witzl said...

Live and learn!

One question: if the recipient of the booing doesn't understand the custom, what if they eat all the candy rather than passing it around? Is there a note that explains the correct protocol?

Christy said...

Nick loves to trash talk, Jen, and it's the bane of my existence. I understand some healthy teasing, but sometimes it just seems like name calling to me. What do I know, though? JP and Nick have been friends for 20 years. It's working for them.

Kelly - actually, he WAS impressed with his original understanding of booing. LOL He couldn't wait to set up his lawn chair and let fly.

Mary - Yes, you include a cutesy little poem in the bag. You eat that candy, and then go make a goody bag for two other people. Then each of them makes a bag for two other people and so on.