Monday, May 21, 2007

He lost a tooth and then he lost it.

About a week ago, Jacob's left front bottom tooth started wiggling. A day later, the right front bottom tooth started wiggling too. Because I am a sick person who enjoys wiggling teeth and picking scabs, I checked the wiggle factor (wigglablity?) of the teeth several times per day. Jacob has been enduring my fascination with good humor for the most part. He has to put up with my quirks since I'm the only mother that he has. "Jake! Tell Mom your big news!" Nick said as soon as I walked in the door on Friday evening. Jacob was busy pretending to be a voyageur, so Nick had to tell me. "Jake lost his tooth!" "Wow! He lost his tooth! Where is it? In his backpack?" "No. He lost it. He LOST his tooth." I blinked at Nick. Le petite voyageur wandered into the living room and declared, "I lost my tooth! SEE!" He showed me the hole in his mouth. "I don't know where it is! It fell out or something." I blinked at Jacob, who promptly wandered out of the room again. I blinked at Nick. Jacob and I eventually wrote a note to the tooth fairy and put the note under his pillow in lieu of a tooth. The tooth fairy, being an exceedingly understanding sort, wrote a note back. She found a tooth in the school cafeteria. She was relieved to have placed the tooth with an original owner. Jacob chose to supplement the tooth dollar with a little cash from his piggy bank. He bought a harmonica. So, all's well that ends well, I suppose, especially if it ends with a musical score.

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Karen said...

The first tooth - that's one of those hurray and boo-hoo things isn't it. And it is lost. :( But the tooth fairy did good. Not that it sounds like it bothered him much.