Thursday, April 5, 2007

I am not an idiot?

Last night, I had plans with Michele. (I'd link to her blog but she doesn't have one. You need to rectify that, Michele.) She lives a few hours away but was going to be in town on an errand. So we made dinner plans. I was excited, people. Michele is awesome and fun. And dinner out in the middle of the week? Pure hedonism! We were to meet at 6:15. 3:45 - Mapquest directions. Read them over, thinking "Uh huh uh huh uh huh .9 miles. Got it. I can do that because I am not an idiot." 3:50 - Receive call from Nick. He's running late, Jake's baseball practice has been canceled. We decide that I will pick up Jake go home where we will wait for Nick. 5:15 - Nick arrives home. We decide that Claire will stay home since she's on a nap strike. She's as cranky as a bear woken in January. Jake will come with me. 5:35 - Jake and I leave. 6:00 - I'm almost there (or so I think). I get gas since we've got time to kill. 6:08 - Hm. It's not here where I expect it to be. That's OK! I can find it! I'm not an idiot! 6:12 - Hm. It's not this way either. Oh, I know! It's actually on this other road. I must have been confused. 6:18 - Hm. It's not here either. Maybe the other way. 6:25 -&*$&%&* 6:30 - Uh-oh. How did I get on this highway? OK, no problem. We're only 15 minutes late. We can find it! I'm not an idiot! 6:35 - "Yes, Jake, that's the airport. Yes, it does appear that I'm driving in circles." 6:40 - We stop at a liquor store and look up the address. It was on the first road, but miles away from where we were. I am not an idiot - Mapquest was wrong. 6:45 - Back on track. 6:55 - $%&*^& We should have found it by now! 7:00 - We give up and hit the McDonald's drive through. I return home with my tail tucked firmly between my legs. 7:25 - Arrive home, look up Michele's number. Call and apologize. And SHE apologized to ME! She apologized to me because I am an idiot. Now that, my friends, is a nice person.

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