Wednesday, June 18, 2008

She's a tricky one

It had been a long and trying day, so I made a quick dinner of eggs, toast, and fruit.  I dished out heavy plates for the hungry and put the customary three bites on a dessert plate for Claire.  Jake was excited about an upcoming event so he started chattering before we even picked up our forks. 
Fifteen or twenty minutes later, Jake had finished his story and we'd finished our dinner.  Nick stabbed his fork in the direction of Claire's plate for a bonus bite of egg.  "What happened to your egg, Claire?  What did you do with it?"  We peeked under the table.  I shook out her napkin.  Then, I slowly realized what must have happened.  "I think she ate it."  Claire giggled and giggled and giggled. 


Mary Witzl said...

I gather you've hit a breakthrough here? Is your Claire a picky eater?

Christy said...

She's not so much a picky eater as a non-eater. She's not emaciated, though, so she must be getting sustenance from somewhere. It's a bit of a mystery.