Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bargain Pricing

One of the local neighborhood associations sponsored a yard sale extravaganza on Saturday.  Four alleys were filled with sales every few houses for two blocks.  We spent an hour or so strolling down the alleys and eyeing the goods.  Then Claire's new shoes started pinching so I piggybacked her home.  Jake was sorely disappointed that his shopping trip got cut short.  He found at least twenty items that were the coolest things ever.  He was eager to find other treasures and would have happily spent the day wandering through alley after alley.
A little while later, Jacob burst into the living room chattering nonstop.  He was wearing a large plastic shopping bag.  He'd cut leg holes through the bottom and then put the handles over his arms to make a sort of overall.  And written in huge numbers on both front and back was $100.  "Mom!  I'm going to go stand out in the back yard and see if I can sell myself!"


Katie Alender said...

Your kids are such characters, Christy!

Christy said...

Yes, characters is the right word.