Friday, January 5, 2007

Little Cheesemaker on the Prairie

I recently had a conversation with my son about cheese. He wanted to know how it was made, so I explained the process to him in as fine a detail as I could muster. I put together steps from the Little House on the Prairie books, scenes from The Sopranos, and some strange uncited memory from a cookbook. (I really wish my memories would keep their proper citations. It's such an inconvenience to have these uncited memories floating around.) Jacob's response, naturally, was to ask if we could make cheese. I stalled. "Maybe someday." Earlier today, I was (lovingly) accused of being very Little House on the Prairie. I find that hilarious because it's true. Then I realized, if I were truly very Little House on the Prairie, I would make cheese. I'm now thinking that maybe someday might be this weekend. This doesn't really look any harder than making bread. Now I just need to find my sun bonnet.


Chelsea said...

I always wanted to be Mary. Well, until the whole blind thing... that wasn't part of my dream.
And I think you should totally make cheese. That would rule.

Lisa said...

You are my domestic hero. If J asked me about cheese, I'd tell him it came from Target and leave it at that. LOL

cheribear said...

I try to avoid making anything where 'curds' appears in the recipe.