Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Intermission with Bagels

I have a lot on my mind for some reason. I keep starting all these little essays, then petering out in the middle because I lose direction. I think maybe the ideas need to percolate a little longer. Or maybe I just need some more sleep. We'll just call this little post an intermission. I'm tired of the current act even if I'm not ready for another. So let's all run out to the lobby, stretch our legs, and make idle chitchat. Claire has a habit of making an entire conversation out of one or two words. She's only two, so she can be forgiven for that. This morning's breakfast conversation was five minutes of "my" and "mine" and "bagel" in various combinations. And with those three words, she managed to declare her undying love for all things bagelish, invite me to sit down and have a bagel with her, and assure me that I had chosen the perfect breakfast item for this midweek slump of a day. So to all my lovely friends, I say "Bagel." Interpret that however you wish. Topics that may be included in the near future, or may be abandoned in fit of pique: Catholic Schools Week Prayer Missing the Point Floating vs. Floundering


justkc said...

And bagel to you too.

Laura said...

Bagel! You know I really like you if I say, "Donut". :) I'd like to hear your commentary on Floating and Floundering. That's my vote.