Friday, December 29, 2006

What was the moral of that story again?

We had a secondary gift exchange last night with the inlaws. My son behaved atrociously and pouted about only receiving one gift. And by pouting, I mean whined loud and long to anyone who would listen while pawing through the remaining gifts to make absolutely sure that he had not missed anything. Once I crawled out of the gaping hole of shame which had enveloped me, I tried the time-honored starving children in Africa approach. "You know, Buddy, some kids only get one gift for Christmas at all. That's all they get is one gift. Just be grateful and happy that you have that awesome pirate raft." That stopped him for a minute and he was mulling it over. Then an adult cousin contributed, "Some kids don't even have toys! They play with a stick and a stone!" My son's face brightened considerably and he replied, "They could play baseball then! Awesome!"


Katie said...

I do love you, so I have to read your blog. I think your son is hilarious.

Kids and presents... so odd to me. We watched my nephew rip through his gifts without waiting for anyone else, and all I could think was that he would certainly be sorry when he ran out of things to open and had to watch the rest of us bumble through it.

Lisa said...

Well, you know J asked to go to Target as we made our way back home after Christmas with a metric ton of toys in the car...! I was glad no one in the family was around to hear that, or I might have been in the gaping home of shame with you.