Friday, August 15, 2008


We took a week out of our regular lives to go to the beach. We rented a bigger care and drove many hours in order to:

  • swim in Lake Michigan
  • dig in some sand
  • pick blueberries
  • sleep
  • read umpteen books
  • eat ice cream, corndogs, and other vacation food
  • figure out how on earth to recycle cans from Missouri in Michigan (not as easy as one would suspect and quite possibly illegal)
  • illegally dump (sorry, nameless business with the open dumpster but we were desperate and didn't have room in the car to haul our trash all the way back to Missouri)
  • discover that we all really like each other
  • discover that we all really like each other better when we aren't driving from Michigan to Missouri in one long day with entirely too many potty stops

Now we've been back home for almost a week. We have:

  • caught up on the laundry
  • almost gotten the sand from our hair
  • remembered why we were stressed out before we took the vacation
  • eaten most, but not all, of the blueberries (pancakes, anyone?)
  • recycled Michigan cans in Missouri without fuss, bother, or illegal activity
  • taken as many potty breaks as we want to without the shrill voice of the driver screeching that no one could possibly need to urinate every twenty minutes

So, back to normal almost. School starts on the 25th, so we've got one more week of official summer left. We have two more months of summer weather, though. I have done almost nothing on my list from the beginning of the summer, but have accomplished much that wasn't listed. Good enough. I'm ready to get back into our normal routine. I've been out of my rut for too long


Katie Alender said...

Back in that rut, young lady! Why waste a good routine? ;-)

Christy said...

Exactly! It would be a sin, really.