Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thirteen Phrases I Say Everyday

That's right. I'm bringing back the Thursday 13 in order to encourage myself to get back in the habit of posting. Besides, it's fun.
  1. It's your sister's/brother's turn to look at the cereal box.
  2. We are not discussing dessert while we are eating breakfast.
  3. One ponytail, two ponytails, or braids?
  4. Please put your dirty clothes DOWN the laundry instead of NEXT to the laundry.
  5. Do that in private please.
  6. Do not leave the bathroom until you flush the toilet, pull up your pants, and wash your hands. Flush, dress, wash. Flush, dress, wash.
  7. Yes, I will play tickle monster. Rooooooaaaarrrrrr.
  8. Did you put on clean underwear?
  9. Don't answer the phone don'tanswerthephonedon'tanswerthephone. Give it to me. Don't hang up. Giveittomedon'thangupdon'thangup. Argh. You hung up on someone. Stop answering the phone!
  10. Get a book and meet me at the big chair.
  11. Do you need a hug? I need a hug.
  12. Show me a smilie shark.
  13. I love you.

1 comment:

Mary Witzl said...

These are great, Christy, and not so long ago I was saying many of the same things myself. You had me laughing with the "Do that in private please" -- ah, there once was a time!

You are wise to write these down now. They change after a while ("One ponytail, two ponytails, or braids?" made me want to sniffle) and someday you will feel nostalgic. But the bit about putting the dirty clothes DOWN the chute instead of next to it? That stays the same.