Friday, October 5, 2007

At last! Oh wait a minute...

Fall is being a sneaky fellow this year. We had a wonderful crisp weekend about a month ago, but since then we've been stuck in endless summer. The trees have been green, the temperatures have been high, and my soul has slowly been leaking out of my pores while I wait, wait, wait.

This morning, however, I realized that things have been ever so slowly shifting into fall. The leaves, while not yellow, orange, or red, are not exactly green either. The air is still warm, but it's gusty and dry. Things are somewhere between the sogginess of summer and the crispness of fall.

I took a deep lungful autumny summer air (or perhaps summery autumn air) when it hit me. It literally hit me - an acorn that is. I ran to the car trying to shelter Claire's delicate head from the barrage of nuts. Midway to the car, I discovered the prickly sweet gum balls had also begun their assault. The sidewalk was mined with ankle-twisting pods. I managed to tuck Claire safely into the car just as a few more acorns BOOMED on the roof of the car.

I'll gladly brave the reproductive assault of the trees if it gets me out of the summer. Perhaps I should put helmets on the children, though.


Jen said...

Wow, you have mean trees. I think we have happy trees out here (do you guys see the Happy Cows commercial? It might be a California thing). Anyway, I was reading your post thinking you had irate squirrels.

Christy said...

Happy trees! LMAO! The acorns float ever so gently to the ground on the breeze while violins play softly in the background, eh? The sweet gum balls are pure evil, though, and I don't think those are native to CA. That's almost enough to make me want to move there.

We do have wicked squirrels, but they are currently organizing themselves to steal all of my neighbors cherry tomatoes. I hear him muttering out back and peering up in the trees for the "damn city squirrels." It's pretty funny. That is, it's pretty funny if you're not trying to salvage your tomatoes.

Mary Witzl said...

Hey, you got our summer!

We have had virtually no summer here. Even for this part of Scotland, the weather has been relentlessly wet and all of our gardens have suffered as a result. And now, suddenly, fall is upon us. So you can send us your residual summer; I need it to ripen all my sad, green tomatoes.

Christy said...

Eat them green! Besides fried green tomatoes (which, YUM!), you can make all sorts of yummy treats. Dice them, add some walnuts and vinaigrette, and you have a wickedly good relish for grilled chicken.