Monday, August 13, 2007

Miscellaneous Vacation Tidbits

  • Kansas must have the most museums per capita in the entire world.
  • Kansas State Troopers monitor speed on I-70 with slightly more zeal than that of a new mother monitoring bowel movements. I got a ticket near Shawnee and spent the rest of the trip driving agonizingly slowly.
  • Salina, Kansas has remarkably good Mexican food. Woodland Park, Colorado does not.
  • If anyone finds a right pink mary jane sneaker somewhere around Limon, Colorado, please let me know. Claire's only response has been "I throwed it."
  • Jacob pulled out a loose tooth while hiking in the Florrisant fossil beds. I carried it around in my pocket for days and then accidentally left it in Colorado Springs. Thank goodness the tooth fairy is a forgiving sort. Of the three teeth Jake has lost, only one has actually made it home to be put under his pillow.
  • Jacob climbed Blue Mountain. I couldn't quite make it to the top. He's one rough, tough little dude.
  • Nick can't sleep while camping. At all.
  • After a heated discussion, we've decided the correct way to call a llama is "llama llama ding dong!"
  • If you give a six year old boy a stick and tell him to go catch a deer, he'll stay busy for a very long time.
  • If you give two two-year-olds a frisbie and a pile of dirt, they will stay busy for a very long time. They may or may not ingest the dirt.
  • Hotels with water slides are perfect for children who have been cooped up in a car for hours and hours.
  • It's always good to come home again, even if home is 102 degrees in the shade with a broken air conditioner that's struggling to keep the house below 85. It'll be better to go home tonight after the repairman has paid us a visit.


Mary Witzl said...

We traveled across Kansas with two kids under the age of ten, and I do remember how good it was to find a hotel pool, with or without a slide.

Our kids also lost a few teeth before the Tooth Fairy had a chance to come and collect them. My eldest swallowed her first one and was desperate for me to 'retrieve' it. I would do anything for my kids, and believe it or not, I tried. But to no avail. And after all that trouble, I didn't even get the credit for looking.

Laura said...

Glad you made it home safely - sounds like a great trip! :)