Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daycare Pickup

MOM! Hi! Did you get my binoculars! Oh you have my binoculars. It was so AWESOME! I saw a new bald eagle. Well, it was at the bird show but it wasn't the other bald eagle that we saw the last time, it was a NEW bald eagle. Hey! They must be outside! And then the goat got me MOMMMMMYYY! right here on the knee! And he tried to eat my pants. I had to give I want a drink of water! my binoculars to Miss Michelle and then I ran out of the pen through the gate Drink of water! Drink of water! I run! because this little black goat was eating my shorts! No, Claire! I want to drink first! OK! Jacob get a drink first! I get a drink of water! Blissful silence for 30 seconds Hahahahaha! It went up my nose! Up the nose! Up the nose! We didn't get to feed the goats this time. We just went into the I ATE ALLLLLL THE COOOOOOOOKIES!! pen to pet them but they kept trying to eat my binoculars and my shorts. HEY! Is Rita in the car? All the cookies! I ate all the cookies! Cookies! Cookies! I like the cookies! I know we have to hurry! I know I have a baseball game! Wanna look at the picture! Wanna look at MY picture! She wants to look at her picture, Mom. HEY! What's a meercat anyway?


Carrie said...

Sounds like my house! LOL

Bethany said...

and my house too. LOL!