Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The post in which you discover that I am truly capable of evil things

Remember the ants? Take how much they annoy me and multiply that by 1876. That will give you an approximate value of how much Nick hates them. They're making a renewed attack via the ceiling in the back room (it's a sun room of sorts). They are coming in through the roof, down through the dropped ceiling, and crawling around on a shelf a bit. Nick caught them before they left the shelf. He's been checking the ant status on the shelf about every two hours and giving me updates. So, I went to the library and got a book for Jacob called The Life and Times of the Ant. The book is very pro-ant. It discusses in detail how smart ants are, how social they are, and has vivid diagrams of all the parts that make Nick shudder. So last night, I read part of the book aloud to Jacob while Nick was within hearing. We read the parts about mandibles and antennae. We read the parts about pheromones and vibrations. We read the parts about all the eyes, both simple and compound. We got about halfway through the book. Jacob told Nick, "Ants are really neat! They're our friends!" Nick might never forgive me.

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cheribear said...

Oh, you totally have to rent the movie 'The Ant Bully' now. Nick is such an Ant Bully.