Thursday, February 15, 2007

13 things I've learned this week

It's the rare meme I actually like, but this is one of them. I saw it on Lisa's blog.

Thirteen Things I've learned this week.
1. A two year old can open and ingest a shocking amount of candy in 10 minutes. 2. A potato cube on the floor of the oven makes the entire kitchen smell very bad. 3. A lime wedge in the garbage disposal makes the entire kitchen smell very good. 4. Do the math twice, just in case. 5. The manual is sometimes wrong. 6. When you clean up pee with a towel, put the towel in the laundry and not on the bathroom floor. Otherwise, your husband might just think it's clean and hang it back up for further use. 7. Follow up - don't trust that someone did what they were supposed to do. (Seems like I should have learned that already.) 8. Some people enjoy making lemons out of lemonade. Don't get in the way of their unhappiness. 9. Being coy about a slur can lead to confusion. Just come right out and say the dirty word. 10. Overwriting the file resets the object security. Like duh. 11. A billet-doux is a love letter. 12. Setting a deadline gets my rear in gear. (Again, something I've learned before.) 13. I haven't learned as much this week as I thought. Links to other Thursday Thirteens! 1. (leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!)
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Laura said...

Love your 13 things!! I can relate to a few of them. :)

cheribear said...

I did the 13 too!! Thanks!

Lisa said...

#1 and #7 made me laugh out loud.