Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall. And then a fall.

Fall has arrived.  I could not be more thrilled.  I don't care that it has rained more days than not.  I don't care that my yard is a pit of mud and 14 inch lag bolts (the neighbor built a new garage and my son is a scavenger).  I don't even mind that I had to make an emergency glove run because somehow, against all logic, all our gloves have completely gone missing over the course of the summer.  I only care that the weather is cool, soup is on the stove, and my lazy hazy summer brain is back to its normal sharp state.  Well, almost back to normal, anyway. 
Yesterday, I was walking a few blocks when I noticed a helicopter overhead.  I kept walking while I looked up at the sky.  Earlier in the day, I overheard a rumor that a local high school had hired a helicopter to hover their sport field and dry it out for a big game.  I was irritated by the wastefulness of it.  So when I saw the helicopter, I tried to figure out if it was heading to the local park or some nearby soccer fields when SPLAT!  Or, more accurately, THUMP!  SLAP!  THUD!  KERPLUNK!  I tripped on nothing.  I turned my attention back to my situation on the ground at the exact moment that my knees thumped hard.  I tried to save myself by quickly slapping my hands onto the pavement, but still managed to pitch forward thudding onto my chest.  I ended the whole series with a kerplunk right on my chin and then slid a few inches for effect.  It was a spectacular fall.  A passing motorist even stopped to check if I was ok.
Fortunately, I am ok.  I'm missing a bit of skin on my chin, but my clothes were intact.  My dignity wasn't intact to begin with, so no great loss there.  Today I am stiff and crabby - my regular self.  Ahhhhh!  Feels good to be me again.


justkc said...

Oh no! I am glad you are ok. Sorry about your dignity.

Katie Alender said...

Awww, Christy! I hope you're recovered by now. I skidded downhill on a gravel driveway last year and it sucks. What sucks even more is that I know I'll be falling again eventually... life is exciting for the hopelessly clumsy.