Monday, March 16, 2009

That's Ms. Hammer to you!

Spring has sprung. I can tell because

  • The daffodils are up.
  • There are buds on the trees.
  • My sinus pressure is rapidly approaching the point where my eyes might actually be pushed out of my head.
  • My children have completely lost their minds and forgotten that people call me The Hammer for a reason. (People really do call me The Hammer. Mostly people who I have specifically told to call me The Hammer because I find it amusing, but it still counts.)

Yesterday, Jacob was laying on the couch under 5 feet of blankets. He was complaining of headache, stomach ache, and any other ailment that he could invent. Since Claire had a stomach bug on Friday, I was willing to believe the stomach ache. I told Jacob that he could skip church if he spent the time working on a book report that I had been nagging about for a full week. He readily agreed. I arrived home an hour or so later to discover a three sentence book report on a book with 50 words in it. 50 words! Not 50 pages, but 50 words! The Hammer came down and lo, there was much weeping in all the land. Eventually, Jacob read a book that was a little closer to his reading level and wrote a 4 sentence report.

Then this morning, Claire got in the act. I was in my room trying to get dressed in the dark without waking Nick. Claire was in her room on her bed, completely dressed except for socks. She hollered, "Where are my socks! I need my socks! No tights! I need my tights! Red tights! New red tights!" By that time, I was in her room hissing at her to be quiet little missy and don't you dare wake up your father because I am tired and he is tired and he is going to sleep for 15 more minutes so help me God. She stuck out her little chin, pointed her little finger, and said, "I don't want to hear what you are saying."

I replied, in my most mommish voice, "You are going to hear what I am saying because you know what, little girl? U Can't Touch This."


Lisa said...

"It's Hammer Time!" LOL I needed a laugh today, and that did it.

Jen said...

LOL I love Claire stories!

Mary Witzl said...

You tell her! Otherwise she'll end up my my great lumbering teenagers -- and I told them plenty, as it was.

For every halfway decent book report -- or any school assignment my kids turned in, for that matter -- I put in a good solid hour of nagging time, minimum. If I hadn't my kids would still be in the third grade. I hope they're grateful. Don't let up on your two!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.