Friday, March 28, 2008

Jolyn saved the day over 10 years ago

It has been a long week. I started the week off with a plague officially named "viral tonsillitis", which passed to Claire and then to Nick. Jake escaped since he's the sole member of the family without tonsils. Besides the illness, Nick and I have both had busy weeks at work. Jacob has been out of school on spring break. Given that we are creatures of habit, we've been reeling the entire week.

Every day this week, I've spent my commute with The Bickersons. Usually I only have Claire in the car with me, but Jake attended daycare this week. "Don't touch my paper!" and "Give back my sunglasses" were interrupted by the occasional "Leave each other ALONE!" As we drove, the radio volume was bumped up up up until I could hear the news over the kvetching. And then we saw the moon.

Why! Look at that moon!
Away up high seeing everything
That goes by why look at that moon
Why, why, why look at the moon.
Why, why, why look at that moon.

My friend Jolyn made a mix tape for me over 10 years ago. Actually, she made several. But this particular tape had Why Look at the Moon on it. Luckily the song lodged itself in my head. Every time I see the moon - big, white, and breathtaking - I start singing with an exclamation. Why! Look at that moon! My head bobs, my hand taps, my soul bounces. It's a wonderful song that creates a wonderful feeling. So thanks to Jolyn. I don't think she had any idea how much she was giving me. * The song was written by Victoria Williams and covered by The Waterboys.


Mary Witzl said...

I've remembered bits of poems or heard snatches of song that have lifted my spirits out of the dumps, too. Diane Jones sings a song called 'This Might Be That Better Day' that perks me up every time, even when I'm feeling very blue.

I can imagine that your friend -- and the songwriter -- would be proud to know that this song cheered you up.

Jolyn said...

Wow! I am indeed very proud to know that one of my mix tapes is still remembered fondly. I still make mixes but now they are on cd. You've inspired me to make you another mix! So watch for it in the mail.