Friday, September 28, 2007

Baba Dion

Ever since my fantastic victory over the car cd player, we've been enjoying a wide selection of music. Claire's favorite is Baba Dion. The rest of us might pronounce that Bob Dylan, but don't worry. Claire will be more than happy to correct your error with emphatic hand gestures. She's generous like that.

I'll be driving along, listening to the news that has my heart hurting, when Claire requests Baba Dion. By "requests," I mean that she shrieks at a volume that could burst ear drums. Since I can't hear the news anyway, I generally put in the cd for her. If any song other than "Lay Lady Lay" emits from the speakers, she tells me off in very unladylike tones.

I'm trying to decide which is worse: a two year old who knows all the lyrics to "Lay Lady Lay" or the permanent loss of hearing that will result if I fail to comply.


Chelsea said...

Lay Lady Lay...there is just something so wrong about that! Yet, it is just so classic too. I love it, in a sick kind of way.

Kelly said...

At this point, I'd say that the hearing loss would be worse. :) The car is one place that peace and calmness is a must.

justkc said...

Can you get her on video singing Lay Lady Lay? LOL!

Mary Witzl said...

I agree with Kelly about the hearing loss. Lay Lady Lay is a great song for a toddler, though, particularly at nap time. I'd have done anything to get our kids to lie down for five minutes, so I could too...

Our eldest was crazy about reggae and used to walk around the house singing 'Downpressor Man' and 'The Harder They Come.' Pretty funny songs to hear from a little blonde toddler.

Christy said...

Chelsea - I know! That song is dirrrrrty.

Kelly - "The car is one place that peace and calmness is a must." True that! And really, it's dangerous for me to drive while she's screaming. I could miss the sound of emergency sirens or something.

KC - Absolutely no video will be forthcoming. That would require the purchase of a video camera. I have enough trouble with the regular camera.

Mary - Is this the blue-haired daughter? She's really starting to sound like my kind of people.