Friday, August 24, 2007

A Hard Pill to Swallow

Jacob takes an antihistamine every night for allergies. He graduated from the liquid to disintegrating tablets about a year ago. Those are a pretty neat invention, really, and somehow I believe that they were the brainchild of a frustrated parent.

Last night, I realized that we had run out of the melting tabs. I decided that it wasn't a problem. I was confident that Jake could learn how to swallow a tiny little pill. He was game as well.

I told him to put the pill on his tongue and take a big gulp of water. He did. Then he stuck out his tongue with the pill still on it. "Move it back a little farther, then try again." Another gulp. The pill was still on his tongue. "Move it forward to the tip, then try again." Another gulp. The pill survived. "Bend your head forward and swish the water around, then swallow." Jake complied with only the tiniest roll of his eyes. "Hmm. Well, maybe if you take two drinks in a row."

"This is boring, Mom. I just crunched it instead." I bought another box of the melting tabs. We'll try again the next time I forget to stock up.


Kelly said...

What a trooper Jake is!! I mean, Karina would had an overdramatic breakdown. LOL!!

Christy said...

He really is a trooper. He's grown up so much this year. He still has his moments of drama, but he's slowly learning to control himself. I'm really proud of him.

Susan said...

He's such a sweetheart and I am so impressed at his patience to keep trying.