Monday, November 27, 2006

The Advent of Advent

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! I am being absolutely ridiculous about it. I should be stopped before I hurt someone. My radio is tuned to Christmas music. I find myself humming carols. My freezer will be filled with cookie dough in about 3 more days. And and and I'm going to make a tree skirt! And a flag that says "JOY TO YOU!" And an advent wreath! And patchwork stockings for the entire family! And handmade wrapping paper to enclose the handmade gifts that are under construction every night from the time I tuck my kids into bed until the time that my body screams for tea and television (in other words, from 8 - 9pm CST). If I continue down this path of merriment, I will likely find myself at the bottom of a wassail pot wearing reindeer antlers on or about Christmas Eve.

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